Riser recliners are just one option for armchair seating in your living room, but they may not be what everyone is looking for. An alternative seating option is the fireside chair. But what exactly do these types of armchair offer you? And do their features make them worth getting?

Fireside Chairs Offer Exceptional SupportShildon Fireside Chair

The primary benefit of a fireside chair is the support they can offer you once you’re seated. The common structure of a fireside chair is a tall and upright backrest, high armrests, and higher than average seat. This shape has been ergonomically designed to help those who struggle with weakness and discomfort in their back sit more comfortably.

Instead of slumping downwards into the chair, or straining to sit straight, a fireside chair can take much of the physical effort of sitting correctly away from you. The height of the backrest provides contact across the full length of your spine, meaning your weight is spread evenly and not focused in one area, causing pain. It also means less work for your muscles, while also engaging them enough to gradually strengthen them with frequent use of the chair.

They Are Easier to Stand up From

The stance of a fireside chair also makes standing up from them an easier task. The high armrests and seat position are as such so they work in conjunction to help you. Firstly, the high seat reduces the range of motion needed to go from the seated position to a standing one, which is helpful if you have weakness in your legs. The armrests can then be used as a sturdy surface to push yourself up from, letting you use your upper body to assist your legs without awkwardly contorting yourself.

This design also lends itself to the reverse movement of sitting down. Rather than having to drop yourself into the chair and risk slipping off onto the floor, you can simply reach back and lower yourself gradually. This lets you retain a level of physical independence when it comes to a frequent but important physical task.

Variety of DesignsHamilton Lifting Fireside Chair

It may seem like fireside chairs have a one size fits all approach, but there is variation between each chair that can offer specific features. For example, a simple design like the Wilmslow has a vinyl covering that can protect against spills and incontinence, making it a primarily functional chair. At the other end of the spectrum is the Hamilton, which has an attractive modern design with the added luxury of a lifting seat, further aiding standing up. This variety mean that regardless of your requirements you can find a chair within this category that suits your taste and lifestyle.