Your new riser recliner chair is an important device for mobility and relaxation. Like any investment, it requires regular service and maintenance, including every-day user care. If you look after it, the device will look after you. This applies equally to the fabric/leather as it does to caring for the mechanical and electronic parts.

In-Home Warranty

We strongly recommend investing in our cost-effective in-home warranty for your riser recliner. We offer three choices: 1, 2 or 3-year warranties with increasing discount on the annual cost for multi-year buys. These protect against mechanical and electrical breakdown, accidental damage, including call-out charges, part replacement and labour. We believe in our products, but sometimes faults happen. Take out extra coverage to ensure a long life and no surprise costs.

Guardsman Leather / Upholstery Protection

Guardsman is a name you can trust in leather and fabric maintenance and care. We are proud to offer you these simple kits to help you extend the life and look of your riser recliner chair.Guardsman Deluxe Leather Care Kit maintenance

• The deluxe fabric care kit is a water-based solution containing a fabric cleanser, fabric deodoriser, a stain remover, cloth sponges and nozzle spray attachments for easy direction
• The deluxe leather kit contains a leather cleaner, leather protector, ink remover wipes and two sponges

We also supply a fabric care kit and leather care kit, not in the Guardsman range. Both contain a variety of removers, protectors and fabrics designed to clean and maintain the physical appearance of your seating. We recommend regular application as directed on the instructions, typically once or twice per year.

Basic Personal Maintenance

Aside from the protectors and treatments, there are small things that you can do to protect your riser recliner chair to keep it in maximum condition.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Few things discolour or damage fabric or leather like the sun’s rays. Heat can dry out leather, causing it to crack, while fabric reacts to the UV rays through a process called photodegradation. It’s a chemical reaction similar to sunburn. Keep your riser recliner out of sunlight as much as possible. If you cannot avoid placing it in or near a window, consider using a blind to shield from the worst affected area.

Vacuum first Before Wiping

In the case of dry spillage, before reaching for the cloth, vacuum up any debris. Dry and hard material can potentially scratch leather and embed in fabric covering. There is also the chance of staining, depending on what the dry material contains within it. Vacuuming the riser recliner is the best way to remove some of the most persistent and damaging debris, especially foods that can rot.

Avoid Water with Leather

Whenever we spill anything on furniture, the kneejerk reaction is to get a damp cloth. Two things can happen. Firstly, dirt or debris from the cloth embeds in the furniture or damage the leather if scratchy, making it worse than before. The second is the application of water which stains leather.

Use the Kits

We’ve already listed the Guardsman and other kits here. You should always use special care packages to clean your riser recliner regardless of whether your model is leather or fabric. Ensure you use a dedicated microfibre cloth or the sponges supplied.

Dry Fabric Naturally

Leather is a great material in that moisture will simply wipe off; not so for fabric. It’s tempting to speed up the drying process with an electric heater or hair dryer so you can use it again properly. But this will cause long-term damage. It will take longer, but air drying is the best way to help your riser recliner recover from the cleaning.