If you find you go to bed earlier than in summer and sleeping in longer there’s a medical reason for that. The lower levels of melatonin make us feel sleepy and sluggish. In some cases, it can even cause mild depression. Even so, when you feel like having an early night you want a warm and cosy bed and bedroom. You can complement your early night experience with the following night-time electronics.

Plug Through Night LightPlug Through Night Light night-time

In midwinter in some parts of the country it gets dark as early as 4:30pm, which is an early night by any standards. You need a little ambient light, especially if you have low vision and struggle to find a light switch in the dark. When it gets dark enough, the Plug Through Night Light will light up automatically, so long as you leave it plugged into the mains and switched on. It uses LED technology so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket or anything nearby due to the low heat generation. You also have a choice of three colours with this night-time electronic device.

Foot Switch

The problem with mains switches is that they are so low to the floor. They must be as it’s not always practical to have them in the middle of a wall. But when you have mobility problems, it’s difficult to get down on the floor to switch things off. That also means getting out of bed and you may not be able to do that. However, you may find it easier to swing your legs out of bed and press a foot switch or simply keep a mains switch by your side. All you need to do with this night-time electronic device is plug it into the mains and keep the foot control somewhere convenient. The 1.6m lead can go on the floor or on a unit for hand use. With a useful LED, you can see its ON/OFF status.

Plug Through Charging StationPlug Through Charging Station night-time

This is an ideal night-time electronic device for those who pay a cheaper rate of electricity at night. This simple plug-in device allows you to charge multiple electronics at once. On the top is a slot in which you can place a smartphone, while the additional USB socket beneath allows you to simultaneously charge a tablet or other small device. Most devices simply stop charging when they are full to capacity, so you don’t need a separate timer slot to make sure you get the best night-time rate.

Perfect Position Mini Mount

An early night is not always about going straight to sleep. We often sleep better when we wind down with a book, listening to music or catch up on TV. This can cause a crick in the neck and affect our posture in the long-term if using a tablet. But with a mini mount from the range of night-time electronics, you can use your tablet in peace and comfort. This has an amazing range of angles when you attach it to a furniture unit, allowing you to raise the height and angle for the perfect viewing experience.

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm ClockUnder Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock night-time

When morning comes around, you want an alarm clock that will wake you up properly. It’s sometimes easy to sleep through an alarm when using the wrong type such as one that makes a noise. Not everybody is able to wake up through noise alone, some don’t want to disturb their partner and others have limited hearing. But vibration works for most people without interrupting anyone else. You will need to get out of bed eventually and to get you up feeling refreshed, there are few models better than this.