We all know that riser recliner is an exceptionally comfortable place to relax, but it’s more than just a luxury item. Because of the adjustable functionalities there are further benefits of these kinds of chairs. If you know how to use them they can have some medical benefits to help with certain conditions.

They Can Help with Medical Issues in the Legsmedical Aspen Riser Recliner Chair (Dual Motor)

One of the most effective medical benefits that can be offered by a riser recliner is that it can help with different issues in the legs. For example, by raising the footrest it can alleviate symptoms of conditions like varicose veins that are caused by restricted circulation within legs, causing discomfort and unsightly lumps. The elevation helps direct the blood back to toward the heart, reducing the swelling, aches, and stiffness caused by the condition.

They can also help when you have injuries such as a sprained ankle or impact injury. The elevation can help reduce the swelling that will occur as well as somewhat reducing the pain. It will also help reduce muscle tension which can further aid recovery and provide general relaxation.

They Can Help with Back Pain

A riser recliner can also help with back pain. The first way it does this is once again by raising the legs, this shifts the weight away from your lower back and closer to your shoulders. This is ideal if you frequently have issues with the lumbar area of your back, which many do.

This can be helped further, however, by reclining the entire chair flat. This spreads your weight over a larger area taking pressure of specific points that may be weaker. Your body works together to support your full weight increasing comfort. It’s also a very nice way to rest your eyes in the afternoon.

It Can Help Reduce Stress

Although the exact medical reason for stress relief and riser recliners is inconclusive, there is significant anecdotal evidence to suggest it has a positive effect. Whether its just lifting your feet, lying back, or full recline, that feeling of weightlessness and calm is unmistakeable. With all the chaos of modern life that’s a sensation that’s always welcome.

Additionally, with stress being linked to so many common medical conditions reducing it can have more than just the benefit of feeling good. High blood pressure, migraines, anxiety and wealth of other medical conditions are deemed to be exacerbated by stress. Therefore, being able to take time in your riser recliner could have subtle preventative benefits that you may not even know are happening.

So, next time you’re in your riser recliner you could be getting benefits beyond just the comfort you experience.