Sitting down with a good book, the days paper, or an engrossing crossword is a simple luxury many of us enjoy. However, if your eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be – or what you’d hope it would be – then it can be straining on your eyes as you persistently squint to see the text. These reading accessories can help make these activities a little easier when relaxing in your riser recliner.

Magnifying Reading Accessories

Classic Magnifying GlassClassic Magnifying Glass reading accessories

Simple, affordable, and effective, the Classic Magnifying Glass does exactly what you’d expect it to. If you’re struggling to read the clues on a crossword, can’t make out the numbers on sudoku, or just need help to see small text, this magnifying glass can help. It’s one of those essential reading accessories that belongs in everyone’s desk draw. The 3-inch lens significantly enlarges whatever you place it over so you won’t need to strain your eyes on a regular basis.

Magnifying LED Floor LampMagnifying LED Floor Lamp reading accessories

This is a more extravagant way of enlarging physical text, but it’s no novelty product. It typically requires two hands to hold open a book, or fill in a word puzzle if you don’t have a table, this clever Magnifying Floor Lamp lets you keep both hands free. The flexible floor lamp shape lets you position the magnifying screen over the text your reading, while simultaneously illuminating the edges to further improve visibility. It’s also handy to use when doing fiddly, close tasks such as sewing.

Illuminating Reading Accessories

LED Clip LightLED Clip Light reading accessories

Another simple and highly affordable product amongst reading accessories is the LED Clip Light. This compact little light can be clipped onto the cover of the book your reading and provide just enough light to highlight the words on the page. It’s also perfect for travel thanks to its size, it can simply be slipped into a coat or bag pocket. So, whether you’re in your riser recliner, a hotel, on an overnight flight you’ll always be able to delve into your favourite book.

High Vision LED Reading LightsHigh Vision LED Reading Lights reading accessories

A clip light may not be exactly what you’re looking for to help you see when reading, especially when at home. If you just need some gentle reading light without clipping something to your book then the High Vision LED Reading Lights are a stylish solution. Available as a desk and floor lamp, you can position the light exactly where you need it to illuminate what you’re reading. Not only is the High Vision superb amongst reading accessories, but it’s also a great addition to your home furniture.