Aspen Riser Recliner




Aspen Riser Recliner

User Weight


The Aspen riser recliner can accommodate a maximum user weight of 20 stone. This recliner chair comes with 12 months parts and labour warranty.


Aspen Riser Recliner

Single Motor


The Aspen riser recliner is a single motor riser recliner chair. The foot rest rises when the back rest reclines and the foot rest lowers as the back rest rises.


Aspen Riser Recliner

Recliner Material


The Aspen riser recliner is professionally upholstered in a colourful fabric. The Aspen recliner chair is available in 3 colours, Terracotta, Mushroom and Biscuit.


Aspen Riser Recliner

With a single motor the Aspen offers customisable comfort unlike traditional armchairs. Use the simple handset to adjust the footrest and the backrest to your favourite position for watching TV, reading or catching up on sleep. Smooth and quiet, the Aspen’s single motor can be operated using the big-buttoned handset, designed to respond to the lightest touch.

The Aspen’s gentle riser mechanism is great for helping you reclaim your independence in your living room. Just use the handset to slowly rise to a standing position or lower yourself to a comfortable seating position, without excess strain on your arms and wrists.



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Aspen Riser Recliner

Aspen Riser Recliner Chair

Designed for ultimate relaxation see how the Aspen Riser Recliner can be adjusted to provide a comfortable and secure position. As you can see the Aspen Riser Recliner is great for those who wish to retain their independence in the home as it can easily and safely raise a user to standing position or lower them into a seated position. The Aspen is also available in a dual motor option.

Comfort as standard

The Aspen recliner has a stylish and contemporary design and is upholstered in hard wearing, vibrant fabric with 3 colour options available; Biscuit, Mushroom and Terracotta.  The Aspen riser recliner can accommodate a maximum user weight of 20 stone.

Aspen Riser Recliner

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