Boden Swivel Recliner


Boden Swivel Recliner
Boden Swivel Recliner

User Weight

The Boden swivel recliner can accommodate a maximum user weight of 14 stone 13lbs. This recliner chair comes with 12 months warranty.

Boden Swivel Recliner

Seat Width

The Boden has a seat width of 20 inches, designed to be space saving it fits comfortably with existing furniture.

Boden Swivel Recliner

Faux Leather

The Boden Swivel Recliner is professionally upholstered in a faux leather, available in 2 colours, Black and Brown.

Boden Swivel Recliner

Finished in a faux leather upholstery the Boden swivel recliner packs a huge range of features for a swivel recliner chair costing less than £200 with a footstool and heated massage!

One of the stand out features of the Boden Swivel Heat & Massage Recliner is its cutting-edge heat and massage capabilities. If you’re feeling tense and need to unwind after a long day then the massage feature of the Boden swivel heat & massage recline is for you.

The Boden swivel recliner is available in 2 colours, black and brown and comes complete with a matching footstool!

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Boden Swivel Recliner

Wooden Base

The Boden has a sturdy wooden base that helps lumbar support ensuring a user maintains good posture.


The Boden Swivel Recliner includes a footrest as standard that provides extra comfort and support to your legs.

Boden Swivel Recliner

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