It’s one of the biggest concerns of getting any new furniture – how pets will treat your prize new equipment. When investing in something like a riser recliner chair, many questions will go through your mind such as “Will my cat use it as a scratching post or snag the fabric?” and “Will my dog’s claws damage it over time?” and even “Will it accumulate fur and hair which could damage the parts?” There need never be a clash between your pet and your riser recliner chair.

Deter Scratching

This is problematic for capetsts especially. The habitual scratching of the front claws against anything upright can lead to damage. For your prized riser recliner chair, eventually, the upholstery will damage. Leather will develop deep scratches and fabric will tear. A gentle pat on the paws/claws and a firm “no” will discourage it in most cases, but some cat owners prefer to use a water spray. Also, consider buying a scratching post, insisting that they use that instead to sharpen their claws.

Consider Colour Options

Dog owners know all too well the problems associated with fur. It gets everywhere and is worse than glitter. However, you can mitigate some of this in choosing a riser recliner chair colour scheme to match your dog. The fur won’t show up quite so much. The flip side is that it won’t be quite so easy to spot when cleaning your chair. Many feel this is a happy medium and worth it not to be constantly vacuuming their furniture.

Don’t Let Pets Use the Riser Recliner

There are many reasons you should not let pets sit on your riser recliner chair, at least not on the chair itself – your lap is usually fine. The first is the increased risk of scratching and tearing. The second is dirt. A dog that has just been for a walk in the rain and mud will not consider cleanliness before leaping onto the chair, transferring that wet and dirt onto the upholstery and potentially getting water in the mechanical or electronic parts.

Use Covers

If it’s impossible to stop pets climbing on your riser recliner, it may be advisable to use fabric covers to prevent direct contact with the device, stopping fur, hair, dirt and water getting into the moving parts. An old towel will usually do or any other large piece of fabric to cover where they are expected to sit or lie. Ideally, prevention is better than cure but you can’t keep an eye on them all the time.

Choose Leather over Fabric

Leather has several benefits over fabric upholstery in your riser recliner. The first is that hair and debris doesn’t get ground in; it sits on the surface and is easy to wipe off. You won’t spend a considerable amount of time trying to dig out every individual hair because it’s too embedded for the vacuum cleaner to pick out. The second is scratch resistance. Leather won’t tear as easily. It’s also easier to clean and resists odours much more easily. You won’t get the musky pet smell quite so much.

Use a Recliner Care KitGuardsman Deluxe Leather Care Kit pets

If you’ve already purchased your riser recliner chair you’ll want to consider the Guardsman treatment or care kit. If you chose not to, we strongly recommend you invest in this. It’s great protection for your furniture with relevant cleansers, deodorisers and stain removers ideal for the problems caused by pet damage. Ensure you clean up any dirt or spillages quickly to keep your chair looking and feeling new for many years.