When selecting a riser recliner one of the major decisions is to pick the right fabric for you. With so many options it can leave your head spinning trying to make the perfect choice. To help you make you mind up here’s a comparison of your three material options: leather, fabric and faux leather.



A major strength of leather is its ability to withstand wear and tear. It takes a lot of force to rip and as long as you treat it regularly with the right cleaning and protection products it will retain its colour and prevent flaking. It may cost more initially, but you can be confident you’ll get your investment back in longevity.

Toronto Riser Recliner Chair faux leatherTimelessly Stylish

Leather has always been in fashion, whether it’s on chairs, jackets, shoes and many other things. Because of this there’s a good chance you’ll still like it many years down the line. The chance of buyer’s remorse is slim and there’s no doubt you’ll get compliments on your new recliner from friends and family.


If you have allergies exacerbated by dust and hair that can accumulate on furniture then leather is an excellent hypoallergenic choice. Not having a rough surface reduces the number of particulates that are attracted over time and it also makes brushing it down. By choosing this material you’ll be able to breathe more freely.


Lower Cost

Although not a completely universal rule, most of the time you will find fabric chairs will cost less than their leather equivalent. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t need the benefits of leather then fabric is great way to save a bit of cash. You can then put that money away for rainy day or put it towards some recliner accessories.

Henley Wingback Riser Recliner Chair faux leatherVariety of Materials

An upside of fabric recliners is the variety of materials within the category. Depending on the kind of usage your recliner will get you can choose firmer fabrics that wear out more slowly, softer fabrics for comfort, or even patterned fabrics if that’s your thing. By going down this route you’ll be less restricted in your choice.

Animal Free Options

If you do your best to avoid the use of animal products then certain fabrics can be a great way to do so. Cotton is natural fibre that doesn’t require the use of animal products or, if you prefer, you could look for a synthetic material such as polyester. Of course, there may be certain fabrics that contain something like wool, but even this doesn’t always require animal exploitation to produce.

Faux Leather

Low Cost Leather Look

The obvious advantage of faux leather is that you get that leather look and feel for a lower cost. PVC or PU leather may not last quite as long, but they are still very resilient when treated right. PVC is the cheapest option but it’s less breathable and is shinier than the real thing, whereas PU is just a little more money but comes pretty close to perfect replication.

Dakota Riser Recliner (Single Motor) faux leatherSynthetic Option

If you go for PVC then you can be assured of an animal free product. As it’s only made from synthetic plastics and resins it can be classed as a vegan friendly material. PU leather can also be animal free but it’s best to check each product as sometimes it can contain compressed leather offcuts instead of a fabric backing.

Best of Both Worlds

In many ways faux leather finds a compromise between the other two options. If you really want a leather style and don’t mind faking it it’s a great compromise. Additionally, unlike fabric it has hypoallergenic benefits and is more resistant to tearing and stains, which is good for longevity. If you can’t make up you mind it may just be the one to go for.