April! What a month it is – pleasant weather hints at what’s to come while the lingering bad weather gives you an excuse (or a reason) to have a clear out and a tidy up. Our homes feel much lighter, brighter and pleasant when tidy, clean and not full of clutter. Let us present to you a selection of spring cleaning accessories and devices to help you prepare your home for May and beyond.

Magic Bristle Gloves spring cleaningMagic Bristle Gloves

No spring clean is complete without a good pair of gloves. They protect your hands from some of the caustic chemicals and irritants in cleaning fluids and compounds. They also protect against scratches and cuts, dirt and grime, and generally keep your hands feeling nice. You may have guessed that the Magic Bristle Gloves are in the spring cleaning range for a reason – they’re not ordinary marigolds! They have bristles on the ends of the fingers, rather like a toothbrush, so you can reach those hard to reach places too narrow for a brush. Ideal for inside drains, along grouting and underneath taps.

Broomy spring cleaningBroomy

A foldable broom and dustpan make it easier to sweep hard floors. Forego a separate long and short broom and dustpan set. With this spring cleaning set, you can use it as either. Each item has an extendable handle that folds down for easy storage or smaller dustpan and brush to use on the floor or in those nooks and crannies. This is an ideal model for most people as you can adjust the length depending on the use.

Folding Step Stool spring cleaningFolding Step Stool

A great choice for a springing clean device, this collapsible yet sturdy stepping stool is a perfect replacement for standing on precarious chairs, ladders or other unsuitable devices designed to elevate you a short way. Despite looking so small and insubstantial (and its light weight) it will actually hold up to 23st in weight. If there was enough space, you could easily put one average sized man and average sized woman on it at the same time! It’ll grip to almost any surface safely and with stability.

Extra Large Sponge spring cleaningExtra-Large Sponge

Although designed largely for personal hygiene and cleaning your back when you have limited dexterity, it’s included in the spring cleaning range because of the extended handle. It’s not easy to clean the top of a shower or wipe grime from a ceiling when a kitchen or bathroom fan isn’t performing as it should. When you can’t stand on a stool due to lack of space, the extra-large sponge is ideal. You don’t need to stretch too far and risk a minor injury.

AZOACTIVE Multi-Surface Disinfectant spring cleaningAZOACTIVE Disinfectant

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up and getting rid of clutter. It’s a good time to clean all your kitchen surfaces without prejudice and give them the best spruce for months. The Azoactive disinfectant is perfect for use on a variety of surfaces, killing over 99% of common food bacteria such as salmonella, and against superbugs such as MRSA. No chlorine and no alcohol, this spring cleaning formula is commonly used in care homes and hospitals.

Wheelie Bin Loofah spring cleaningWheelie Bin Loofah

Wheelie bins breed all sorts of nasties at this time of year. The warmer, sometimes cool and often damp weather creates ideal conditions for mould and for attracting flies and maggots. The cold weather can quite easily kill it off but April is a good time to give it a good clean. Wheelie bins aren’t the easiest of household devices to clean. You need an extra long handle and a firm arm, not something that’s going to break easily. The wheelie bin loofa is a great spring cleaning device because it fits that description perfectly.